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Rimowa Buyer’s Guide


Rimowa continues to make its name when it comes to hard shell casing, which comes with light configurations. It is one of the most buzzed about brands. There is a broad range of Rimowa collections. It is quite challenging to choose the right bag for you. By understanding facts, you will find it easy to make a decision.

Salsa Air

This may be a ftraveler illustration avorite for buyers who are looking for lightweight luggage bag they can use. It has a streamlined design and simple packing features. This unit is for travelers who do not require excess packing aids. Some travelers like the free-form storage, which favors lightweight design. You will find this unit the most lightweight line in Rimowa collection. It has an internal free-form mesh. It is bright and has a vibrant exterior casing, which is makes it quite easy to spot. It has economized weight features.

However, you will find it quite challenging to balance the travel bags and items on mono-telescoping handle system. It can lock at the three stages, but it does not customize like other Rimowa lines. Also, it does not have an add-a-bag strap.


This is an excellent combination of Salsa Deluxe and Salsa Air. It offers great mixture of features. You do not need to choose between more structured panel compression or free-form pocket packing. Instead, you have both of them. Thus, if your travel is a mixture of play and business, then you will need different compartments to reflect the same. A unique matte finish makes it more unique.

Salsa Deluxe

This is for a feman carrying suitcaseature-driven luggage buyer. Thus, if you want lots of packing structure, which allows for a lot of space, then this is the best traveler bag for you. For instance, its dual-compression panels give you the opportunity to carry more. They are also structured to work like garment sleeve. They allow fine suits and can stay wrinkle free. Also, it features an add-a-bag strap, which makes it possible to stack the bags easily and carry them.

Another important feature of this unit is its multi-stage handle, which makes it easy to customize the height. The fact that it has large wheels makes it possible to enjoy added stability.…