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What Makes Tactical Backpacks Tactical?

Tactical backpacks have become a standard feature among travelers. Everyone is opting for designs sold at Off The Grid Guru , thanks to the many advantages that they offer. However, not all bags that have a military-like look should be called tactical. There are some unique features, which qualify a bag to be referred to as tactical. It is not necessarily a must that the bag contains all the features but should have a majority of them at the very least. Some of the main features are highlighted below.

Main features of a tactical backpack


An ordinary backpack is usually meant for light-duty usage. A tactical backpack, onordinary backpack the other hand, should be able to handle heavy items without compromising durability. This is made so by choice of material used as well as the craft put into it. The design might also play a factor in this. The popular material used for tactical backpacks is heavy-duty polyester, which is meant for rugged use. This makes it difficult for them to fail you by getting damaged while you are on your trip.


A tactical backpack will usually have many compartments. This allows you to sort all your items in an organized manner. The compartments are usually designed for specific items, such as the laptop compartment for carrying your laptop. You might find even more than ten compartments with many other accessory pockets in a tactical backpack.

Hydration pocket

Hydration pocketA majority of tactical packs incorporate hydration systems in them. The hydration system ensures that you don’t have to contort your arms trying to reach your water bottle behind your back by allowing you to take sips of your drink through a soft bite valve that can be tucked away easily. The hydration system also ensures that no spillage occurs. You can also fill the hydration system with icy water, which when placed against your back, will help you regulate your body temperature.

Modular connectivity

This is a connection system, which allows you to increase the capacity of the backpack depending on your needs. You can attach some extra pouches on the backpack and use them to store your extra items without affecting comfort. This kind of connectivity also allows for quicker access to your items. The tactical backpack should be able to handle all the extra weight of the added pouches without affecting durability. Examples of the attachment systems are MOLLE, ALICE, and PALS.…