Important Tips When Visiting Archaeological Sites

Archaeological sites and artifacts are very important to our history. Visiting them for education on evolution is wise. However, we need also to know about the dos and don’ts before visiting them. This will help to preserve the artifacts and sites.

Leave Them As They Are

Historical artifacts are not trash although some of them may look like trash. Do not throw them away just let them be. These artifacts help archaeologists interpret what happened in the past. It also shows how people used to live. Keep discovery alive by leaving the artifacts where you get them for the next person to share the experience. Relocating any artifact including the historic trash is illegal.

Avoid Using Ropes

The use of climbing gear like ropes to get into archaeological sites is not permitted since this may damage the site. The ropes may cause falling rocks and looting that may damage the already-fragile site. Avoid using such climbing gear whenever you visit these sites.

Follow Instructed Roads

When traveling to any cultural sites, always ensure you use the designated roads. Off-road driving can create new roads on the top of the delicate ecosystem and archaeology and damage them before archaeologists visit them.

Do Not Reveal GPS Coordinate

Even though GPS usually is very useful during expeditions, sharing GPS points on your trip report online can lead uneducated travelers to sensitive archaeological sites. It is, therefore, wise to ensure you remove every location reference on your online posts.

Learn Site Fire Regulations

Always ensure you check where fires are permitted near the archaeological site. If the location you stay allows fires, make sure you use available fire rings or your own fire pan into the backcountry. Fires, food, and camping can damage the archaeological remains and spoil the view for other people.

Steer Clear of Walls

Historic and prehistoric structures can be damaged easily. You, therefore, need to refrain from touching, standing, climbing or leaning on any of the structures regardless of how solid they may look. Also, vandalism of pictographs and petroglyphs can erase stories of ancient people and destroys the experience for future visitors.

Archaeological sites are some of the places where you will get the evidence of evolution. They are essential for education as well as tourism. When visiting these sites, it is vital to take note of these points.…

A Guide To Visiting The North Of Thailand



A holiday can take many forms for different people. While some like the sun and the surf, others like the scenic mountains and valleys. Thailand has been a popular destination for many travelers from around the globe, and the northern part of the country sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In this article, we will have a look at some of the many places you can visit in this area and what you can expect.

Before you travelhilly area

Before you start your journey, it is important to plan every aspect of it. Make a list of the towns and cities you want to visit and also how many days you want to stay in each place. The biggest international airport in the north of this country is Chiang Mai from where you can start your scenic and exciting journey. Here are some great places to see,


Pai is arguably one of the best places to visit in this southeast Asian country. You can start the drive from Chiang Mai and go through the mae hong son loop which will take you to this valley. You will pass many beautiful sceneries, and you will no doubt want to stop and take pictures along the way. The area is known for the amazing fields and mountains where you will also be able to visit some hill tribe villages. You will see how the people live close to nature and you too can be a part of that if you spend some time there.


You can do many things when you are in the Pai – Mae Hong Son area which includes riding bareback on a water buffalo, visit many of the villages and also enjoy a local coffee. The locals in the area are extremely friendly and will always want to show you the way of life in the hill tribe villages. You will also find many beautiful temples like the Wat doi gong mu which is an amazing hilltop temple.

rice fieldsWaterfalls, rivers, lakes

You can spend some wonderful moments at the lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. You can go on a boat ride to some villages that can only be reached with this mode of transportation. The waterfalls are mindblowing, and you can take some great pictures that will give you some great memories.

Take a tour

If you do not know how to get to these places, you can book a tour that will take you to some of the popular attractions so that you will not miss out on anything.…