Reasons Why You Should Go to El-Salvador for Your Next Surfing Trip


Since time, almost all surfing elements, soft top boards types, and the sector, in general, have changed. Although there’s one feature that has not varied much, that’s the top countries to travel for surfing. There are numerous motives El Salvador has been tremendously famous for trips. The nation is entirely secure, the folks are friendly, the rates are fair, and the waves are great. The nation’s stability has allowed El Salvador to flourish and prosper with eco-tourism.surfing

Plenty of Surfing Spots

Surf travels to El Salvador hasn’t been a priority for the majority of surfers. The nation of El Salvador is littered with appropriate hand point breaks. I recently read a post comparing the nation’s shore to Santa Barbara but with all the ditch windows of Puerto Escondido. Many surf spots like caliber to Rincon have fewer crowds and vulnerability to considerably larger swells. El Salvador faces straight south has the best swell window in Central America for southwest swells. It’s typical to find waves at the 4-8 foot range and larger on strong surges in the summertime. Surf spots like Punta Roca, Sunzal, and Las Flores would be the most popular and create extended hand point waves. Additionally, there are several different places available of exceptional quality.

Proximity to the Airport

Why should you visit El Salvador on your surf trip? First, travel time in the airport is a lot shorter, and you will be surfing half an hour from getting your luggage at the airport. Additionally, the highway system is much superior to the shoreline of Costa Rica, which makes it a lot easier to strike numerous world-class surf spots. Accommodations and meals are somewhat cheaper, so you are going to save yourself money on your journey. Security is essential to most, and countries are safe for traveling, so this shouldn’t be an element in your choice.

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